I directed and shot this video for my friend Daphne Willis in 2011.  My co-director Nick Izzo came up with the rough script, and we then fleshed it out with exactly how this awkward romance was to play out.
We had a strict budget, much of which was spent on cardboard, and we spent days making props for all the fake theater shows (Bad Things Happening to Good Greeks, Jimmy Jet Pack is Going Down, Hamlet in Space, and my favorite "Street Fighter: The Musical", which ended up getting cut for time).  Our actors actually finished some of the props for us on camera while really getting into their roles as "actors", as you can see with the killer jet-pack backback.  In the music video world it's awesome to get to work with a great bunch of real actors, even when I'm horribly under utilizing their talents and giving them no lines. Thanks guys!
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