So this was a fun one. 
My friends Sheila and Andrew over at Cherries Records asked Mike Handler and I if we would shoot a video for a new record they were releasing by Benjamin (who is also awesome), but the day before we were supposed to shoot, Benjamin missed his flight to Chicago.
Since we had already prepped the studio space and rented some gear, Andrew called up another Cherries artist whose record was going to be released soon.
Enter Doug Shorts.
Me and Mike were already big fans of Doug's work, and this song is no exception, so we were all in.  I came up with the VCR repair concept, and we already had the studio setup, so I made some homemade star filters out of whole foods salad boxes and we got to shootin.  Doug brought his own karate gear, Mike brought the flicker box, and Andrew brought some expendable 45's and a sweet Bulls jacket.
We ended up shooting the living room scene with Sheila (co-founder of Cherries, aka DJ Shred One) in her and Andrew's living room. Thanks to Jenna for letting us kind of destroy her TV/VCR Combo.
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