My friends Drew from Enstrumental put me on a call with Lupe Fiasco on a Tuesday. He asked if I could direct a short series of interviews about surviving cancer for his new single "Mission" and have it edited by Sunday. I already had a few jobs that week, so that gave me 3 days to shoot and edit the piece.
The folks over at the Lurie Cancer Center were tremendously helpful, and gracious enough to let us shoot in one of their conference rooms, so Brandon Riley came in and helped me shoot the interviews, Kat DeJesus did the makeup for our subjects.
The next day I headed over to Brown Sugar Bakery, where Stephanie and her team helped us to get all the cake baking b-roll. They were amazing to work with, and my friend Raphael Nash assisted while I shot it all on the new RED Dragon I got from Brandon Riley. Plus we had some cupcakes afterwards that were insanely good.
Lupe shot me over a couple audio tracks to use, so I put them together and edited all day Saturday. This video was the result.
Make sure you check out the single as well over at
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