Brandon Breaux and I teamed up to produce and direct this series for BP Studios and PBS Parents. Geoffrey, Alejandro and Bo from BP Studios approached Brandon with this incredible concept and a really beautiful treatment and we got to take it and run with it while they supported us on the entire journey.

The whole series was shot over the course of two months in Chicago, so the fact that both Brandon and I are from there came in clutch when calling in all the favors it took to make this happen. The cast is DEEP and highlights some crazy talented folks we were super lucky to work with. We're talking Hebru Brantley, Won Kim, Aja Monet, Max Sansing, Crowezilla, Peter Cottontail, Kevin Coval, Fatimah Asghar, Thelonious Martin....the list goes on!

We couldn't have gotten it done without all the support from our small team: The whole thing was shot by Johnny Castle, Mike Handler, and myself (with Damon Hennessey coming in to help shoot Won Kim's episode) and Mike, Johnny and I handled the editing as well. John Mathie and Jeremy Stark came in for sound engineering on the more involved shoots, and Brandon ran the whole animation department which consisted of all-stars like Dougan Khim, Nem Perez, Jerry Das, and Joe Esquivel. Mike Handler secured us batches of beats from amazing producers, we were blessed with a killer original score from Mathien, and Johnny got Masego to lend us a theme song to tie it all together. Our line producer came through huge and brought the immense vocal talents of J. Ivy and Kiara Lanier to the table for all the voice overs, and we even had my mom casting extras for the curriculum scenes since we wanted to profile local young parents and she knew a whole bunch of them (thanks mom!).

It was definitely a full court press on this one, and I'm pretty proud of our team and the results. Check out the full episodes below:
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