I assistant directed with Nem on this one, and was also the Director of Photography.  I shot on a homemade skateboard dolly on some PVC, we had G.L. Joe on rollerblades for the long intro shot, and Nem's friend Ross came out with a little jib for some crane moves. Also there was a bunch of driving around shooting out the hatch of my Element for the driving scenes.
Me and Nem had a very limited budget on this one, but made it happen with what we had. Almost the entire budget was spent buying a new hatch for the Delorean and fabricating the speaker/amp array on the back. Looked pretty sweet though, even if we had to move the cones by hand to make it look like the speakers were thumpin.
Cool story though: Not even a week after we put this out Rick Ross saw this video, called Rockie up, and signed him to his label shortly thereafter. So the moral of the story is, have me shoot your video and get signed by Rick Ross, right?
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