The Babel Project works with youth activists around the world to teach them how to document injustice and share their stories with the world.
Over the course of 1 month in St. Louis, Missouri, we worked with these 5 incredible young women to produce a film that told a story of Ferguson and Mike Brown Junior from their perspectives.
We worked together for 2 weeks on story development, honing our skills as storytellers, and taking control of the narrative - a narrative too often used to discredit victims of police brutality and the protesters that stand up for their community. A narrative that too often excludes the voices of young people.
Over our last 2 weeks together, the girls worked as producers - creating shot lists, scouting locations, conducting interviews, reviewing footage, taking notes to send to our editor, always fully in control of the story, always fully in control of their lives.
The result is something beautiful, something magical - it's their truth.
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